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Neha's education and work experiences have provided her with a broad range of perspectives and skills, having worked and studied in India, USA, Japan, Dubai, and France, and being fluent in five languages. Her experiences working with diverse organizations have taught her how to communicate effectively with people of all ages and backgrounds, and to thrive in high-pressure environments, including leadership roles.

Neha's creative philosophy is rooted in persistence and relentless improvement, always striving to create with her hands and learn from each experience. Her artistic approach draws inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, with a focus on creating functional and inclusive art. Food is an area of special interest for Neha, as it represents a powerful force that brings people together and symbolizes the essence of life. Nature serves as her primary source of inspiration, and she loves experimenting with textures and colors to evoke emotions of fun and comfort in her work.

Neha's proficiency in illustration, ceramics, advertising, and marketing allows her to create unique and targeted designs that meet specific requirements. She is confident in her ability to succeed in markets such as branding, package design, surface design, tableware design, infographics, and marketing.


My name is Neha Patwari (nay-ha puht-waa-ree), and I am excited to share my artistic vision with the world while continuing to learn and grow as an artist.

Hello! I'm a multidisciplinary artist and happiest when underwater. I would love to collaborate with you on a project.

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