Neha’s education and work experience span across India, USA and France. She speaks 5 languages, which gives her perspectives from diverse cultural backgrounds and societies. Working with a variety of organizations has helped Neha learn how to communicate with society at the grassroot level, and to it, including global events, with people of all ages and backgrounds. It has trained her to adapt to fast-faced high-pressure environments irrespective of location, and deal with leadership roles.


Her philosophy is persistence and relentless improvement. She is a positive thinker and lives for creating things with her hands, food, colors, and learning. Neha has been heavily inspired by the Bauhaus movement and wants to create functional art which is easily accessible and inclusive. Neha wants to especially promote food and how it ties people together and how food is the essence of life. Neha loves experimenting with textures and colors with nature as her biggest inspiration. Fun and comfort are two emotions she endeavors to exude from her work.


Neha’s proficiency in illustration, ceramics, advertising and marketing enables her to increase her visual and verbal vocabulary to target specific requirements as desired. It lends well to markets like package design, surface design, tableware design, infographics marketing, editorial and advertising.

Phonetic pronunciation of Neha (nay-ha) Patwari (puht-waa-ree).

Hello! I'm a multidisciplinary artist and happiest when illustrating on ceramics. I would love to work with you on a project or a job. Looking forward to hearing from you!